Hire the Right Team for your Business

Hirelogic has developed an Artificial Intelligence Based Recruitment Software​ which already helped more than a hundred of businesses in their hiring process.

How It Works?

Compared to traditional selection of people to hire for your business, Hirelogic’s Artificial Intelligence Based Recruitment Software automates recruitment process. With years of research in the field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the AI will do all the work for the first steps of the recruitment stage. It will get the most suitable potentials for your business needs.

Save Time & Money

Hiring employees is an investment. The time and money you spend with them will not be put to waste if you have hired the right person from the very beginning.

Keep Top Talent

Keeping the right people on your team after you worked hard to find them ensures your business can keep growing, rather than lose productivity, time, and morale training new employees.


Our tests cover hard and soft skills, including those that may be outside of your area of expertise. Precise results give you the confidence to make better hiring decisions.

Increase ROI

Spend less energy on finding the best hires, and more time adding value to your business. Our transparent pricing makes our tests suitable for companies of any size.

Increase Productivity

With the right people that perfectly fits your business needs, productivity levels will progressively improve in a quicker time than your usual timeline.

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We have provided services to hundreds of clients. Getting to know their success stories proves how much growth their business gained after hiring the right people thru Hirelogic.

Employee Journey

Exquisite Hiring Process

Get the best applicants that best fits not only the position but also the company and its environment.

Personalized Development

With your team’s strengths and gaps, come up with strategies to keep everyone’s growth.

Personalized Career Pathing

Depending on your employee’s performance, guide them to the right career path they should take.

Emerging Leaders

As early as the beginning of their career, train which ones have the potential for leadership.

Smart Applicant Tracking System

Automated CV Screening
our proprietary algorithms compare and rank your job applicants, taking their qualifications and the job requirements into account.

Standardised CV
the applicant’s resume data will be extracted and organized in a way so you can quickly assess it and compare it to others.

Deep Candidate Profile
candidate applications can include their CV, their personality report, and a video interview so you can make a more comprehensive assessment.

Powerful Searching & Filtering
quickly filter and find the candidates within your specifications. Search based on their location, test rating, languages, tags, etc.

Your Company’s Future with Hirelogic

Easier Evaluation

Avoid long lines of applicants and time consuming interviews and skill tests. Let the software do the job.

Start Perfectly

Best for start-ups who usually needs guidance on their doubts on which people are worthy of investment.

Team Growth

With the right team hired, profits will increase in a short time. Next thing you know, you need more.

Who We've Worked With

What Clients Say

Having a startup business means testing waters. Fortunately, Hirelogic helped me hire a couple of employees for me to start my business. Their system worked perfectly according to what I required. Not only that, I’m working with my 2 pioneer employees for 5 months now, and they’ve given me nothing but business success. By next month, I’ll be expanding my business and I am sure to use Hirelogic’s services again. My investment was worth it.
Michael Smith